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Scarecrow Consultants offer a range of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) related services, including:


  • Consultancy. We can provide on-site and back-office consultancy to support your staff in their carrying out of MBSE on a project. Such consultancy can cover, but is in no way limited to, advice on how best to implement MBSE in your organisation, advice and help in developing your own in-house MBSE approach, perhaps through the definition and implementation of an architectural framework (AF), and guidance on the application of MBSE tools and techniques in your organisation. As part of the consultancy work that we do, we often work with other organisations, such as Embed in the automotive industry, where we have provided the consultancy and Embed have provided the services. If you are interested in working with Scarecrow Consultants, please contact us.
  • Mentoring. We can provide expert mentoring on a one-to-one or one-to-small groups basis. This covers any aspect of MBSE, from applying modelling to implementing MBSE into your business.
  • Competency development, analysis and assessment. We can help you demonstrate the competence of your staff by carrying out assessments in the field of Systems Engineering according to established norms, such as the INCOSE UK Competencies Framework, or your own framework. We can also help you to develop your own bespoke frameworks, or to assess existing ones.
  • Training the trainer. When training large numbers of staff, the logistics of running training courses can become unmanageable in terms of time and cost resourcing. We offer a train-the-trainer service where we can train your trainers and then mentor them through their first training course deliveries.


  • MBSE assessments. We can assess any aspect of your MBSE, from your models to your modelling process and the tools that you use.
  • ISO 15288 assessments. We can offer assessments against a number of standards, which are carried out in a CMMI-type fashion, resulting in a process profile to help identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your Systems Engineering processes.
  • MBSE process development, analysis and assessment. We can help you and your business improve its MBSE capabilities through the development of new processes and analysis of existing processes, whether they are documented or not.


  • Tool evaluation and selection. Tool selection can be a thorny subject and is an area that we have significant experience in. We can perform a tool evaluation to aid your tools selection, based on our tool-independent assessment processes.
  • Tool implementation for bespoke processes. Having ‘sharp’ tools in place is only part of the battle. Tools need to be tailored to work within the confines of your own approach (the process must drive the tool) and the use of so-called tailored profiles is very powerful. We can help you to develop such tailoring for a number of tools.



For those organisations who wish to explore problems using a combination of brainstorming and team-building, Scarecrow Consultants offer their unique blend of both:

  • TeamStorming. Aimed specifically at senior management, board and executive level, TeamStorming provides a unique experience in both brainstorming and team-building. Based on established, proven teaching techniques, TeamStorming consists of a number of team-building exercises that encourage collaboration and grow consensus amongst teams. The exercises are not just about team-building, however, but are designed to identify, understand and define key business issues, initiatives and strategies within your company. The artefacts produced by these exercises are deliberately designed and configured so that they can provide a valuable input to strategy meetings, capability definition and requirements initiatives. TeamStorming adopts and encourages a systems approach to making your business more effective and efficient. There are no complex notations, tools nor processes to master, so the workshops focus effort on creativity, consensus building and collaboration.

The Facilitators & Participants Guides to TeamStorming are now available to purchase.


For companies contemplating implementing MBSE into their organisation, but not sure where to begin, Scarecrow Consultants offer their unique MBSE review service : 

  •  RAVEnS. The introduction of MBSE into an organisation can be daunting and seem very complex. The key element of getting this right is to develop an MBSE implementation strategy. In order to help with this, Scarecrow Consultants Limited have developed our MBSE Review And Visualisation of Enabling Strategy (RAVEnS) initiative. A RAVEnS review is carried out by working with one of our MBSE experts to create a visual representation of where your company is at the moment with MBSE and also its aspirations for MBSE moving forwards. The three key enablers of PeopleProcess and Tools are considered and a number of key features for each are then identified to construct a picture of MBSE in your business. The picture generated is created using our own bespoke RAVEnS puzzle pieces that are connected together to form a powerful physical and visual representation of what MBSE looks like in your organisation. We next prioritise each of the key MBSE enablers identified, which are then used to develop a way forwards for your MBSE strategy.
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