What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

We are happy to announce that the 3rd edition of “SysML for Systems Engineering: 3rd edition: A model-based approach” (known to many as The Monster) is available.


This is not a complete rewrite of The Monster, but an update. It includes:

  • Corrections to the errata that found its way into the second edition
  • An update of the core modelling notation to SysML 1.5
  • An update of the ISO 15288 standards model to the latest version
  • An update of various chapters to reflect the frameworks (and tool profiles) described in our book ‘Foundations for Model-based Systems Engineering: From Patterns to Models’
  • New chapters on:
    • The Benefits of MBSE
    • Model Structure and Management
    • Model Maturity
    • Value Chain Modelling

In order to make room for the new material, Annexes C, D and F from the second edition were removed. Don’t worry – we have made the content of these Annexes available on our Knowledge Base.

Contents of the Third Edition

Chapter 1 – Introduction to MBSE
Chapter 2 – Approach
Chapter 3 – MBSE Concepts
Chapter 4 – Introduction to SysML and Systems Modelling
Chapter 5 – The SysML Notation
Chapter 6 – Diagramming Guidelines
Chapter 7 – Process Modelling with MBSE
Chapter 8 – Expanded Process Modelling
Chapter 9 – Requirements Modelling with MBSE
Chapter 10 – Expanded Requirements Modelling – Systems of Systems
Chapter 11 – Architectures and Architecture Frameworks
Chapter 12 – Value Chain Modelling

Chapter 13 – Case Study Introduction and Architectural Framework
Chapter 14 – The Case Study
Chapter 15 – The Benefits of MBSE
Chapter 16 – The ‘People’
Chapter 17 – The ‘Process’
Chapter 18 – The ‘Tool’
Chapter 19 – Model Structure and Management
Chapter 20 – Model Maturity
Annex A – Ontology and Glossary
Annex B – Summary of SysML Notation
Annex C – Process Model for ISO 15288:2015
Annex D – Competency Framework
Annex E – The MBSE Memory Palace


‘SysML for Systems Engineering: 3rd edition: A model-based approach’ was published by the IET in mid-November 2018.

Orders can be made on the IET’s web site here.


Unfortunately The Monster hasn’t emerged from its birthing process free from defects.

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