The third in the series of ‘Don’t Panic!’ books, ‘Don’t Panic!  The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Architecture Frameworks’ is aimed at Systems Engineers, Systems Architects, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts and anyone interested in describing or understanding the Architecture of a System. The book is not intended to be an academic textbook (although everything in it is based on fact and best practice) but a gentle introduction into the world of Architecture Frameworks, what they are, why we need them and some of the frameworks currently available for us to use.

The book is published by INCOSE UK and was officially launched in November 2020 at their Annual Systems Engineering Conference.

‘Don’t Panic!  The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Architecture Frameworks’ is co-written by Associate Scarecrow James Towers and his good friend Aurelijus Morkevicius. This book is a primer for Architecture Frameworks for people who are new to the subject, and as an aide-mémoire to anyone experienced in the field. With this in mind, there are a number of key points that the book addresses: 

  • To nip in the bud bad practice and common pitfalls that we have learned the hard way
  • To dispel some of the many myths and misconceptions associated with Architecture Frameworks
  • To spell out some of the fundamental concepts that must be understood
  • To alleviate people’s fears concerning Architecture Frameworks and their use in your business
  • To highlight the benefits of using Architecture Frameworks

This book is intended to be simple enough to give to anyone, with good common sense and a modicum of technical knowledge, a clear understanding of precisely what an Architecture Framework is and what it isn’t. It is also intended to be a jumping-off point for further investigation into the various standards and frameworks. The authors have attempted to answer some of the many, many questions and concerns that people have so that you can pre-empt these in your own working practice.


‘Don’t Panic!  The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Architecture Frameworks’  is published by INCOSE UK and is available to buy to anyone with an interest in Model-Based Systems Engineering. It may be purchased through INCOSE UK.

For more details please contact INCOSE UK on: 01460 298217 or email using:

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