Scarecrow Consultants Ltd. Staff Members

At Scarecrow Consultants Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing expertise in all aspects of MBSE.

Our consultants are all acknowledged as being outstanding in the field of MBSE and have written more books on MBSE than any other organisation in the world.

To find out more about our ‘Scarecrows’, see the mini-bios below.

Principal Consultants

Jon Holt


Professor Jon Holt is a leading figure in the world of systems engineering and gained his PhD from Swansea in 1994. Jon is a Director for Scarecrow Consultants Ltd and has been working in the field of systems modelling for the last 20 years. Jon is an international award-winning public speaker and author. He is the author of seventeen books in the field of applied Model-based Systems Engineering. Jon is a Director and Principal Consultant for Scarecrow Consultants Limited, works in many industries and has applied his work in many disciplines. He is also a Fellow of both the IET and the BCS. Jon also holds a Chair in Systems Engineering at the UK Defence Academy and is the Technical Director of INCOSE UK.

Simon Perry


Simon Perry holds Bachelors degrees from both the University of Leeds and the Open University. Since gaining his degree in Mathematics in 1986 he has spent nearly 30 years working in all aspects of software and systems engineering. Simon often speaks at systems engineering conferences and is the co-author of eleven books in the field of applied Model-based Systems Engineering. Simon is a Director and Principal Consultant for Scarecrow Consultants Limited, providing consultancy, training and conducting research in the application of systems engineering. He works in industry, government and academia and has applied his work across many disciplines in a wide range of industries including defence, the nuclear industry, timber engineering, finance and train manufacture. He is a Member of the IET, ISKO and INCOSE.
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Associate Consultants

James Towers

Associate Consultant

James Towers holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Nottingham Trent University. Since gaining his degree in 1996 he has spent nearly 20 years working on software and systems modelling. James has presented both papers and tutorials at conferences and seminars as well as writing and teaching training courses. He has provided consultancy, training and mentoring to a wide range of organisations working in power electronics, telecommunications, rail, consumer electronics, information technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail and supply chain. James has just published his first book and is working on his second. He is a member of the IET and INCOSE, and chair of the INCOSE UK Model-Based Systems Engineering Working Group.

Neil Sinclair

Associate Consultant

Neil Sinclair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the University of Wales, graduating in 1987. Over the last 32 years, Neil has consulted, trained and mentored Engineering departments across Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Marine, Rail and Formula 1 sectors – including leading teams to implement complex enabling processes and software into Engineering departments. Having been responsible for Systems Engineering and PLM strategy, Neil has a deep understanding of the real challenges of introducing MBSE within an established Engineering organisation. He is passionate about the MBSE approach but is focused on pragmatic and implementable strategies and solutions to address these challenges across People, Process & Technology. Neil is a member of INCOSE and the current Secretary of the UK Automotive Interest Group.

Mike Brownsword

Associate Consultant

Mike Brownsword gained his PhD in Risk management from Cardiff University and his Masters degree in Electronics and Computer Science from Swansea University.  Mike has spent over 20 years working as a Systems Engineer and Enterprise Architect in a wide range of sectors including Road, Rail, Defence, Aerospace and Public Services. This has been providing consultancy, training, capability development, mentoring and leadership in the development and delivery of Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture. He has authored two books on model-based systems engineering and presented numerous papers for conference and journal publication.  He is a Chartered Engineer and member of INCOSE and the IET.

Stuart Jobbins

Associate Consultant

Stuart Jobbins holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Cranfield Institute of Technology’s School of Information Technology. Since gaining his MSc in 1984 he has spent nearly 40 years working in all aspects of software, systems and safety engineering, predominantly in real-time embedded controls, for many different industries including industrial, communications, automotive, aerospace, marine, nuclear and healthcare. He has provided consultancy, training and mentoring, with hands-on architecture, design and implementation support for many industries and is co-author of several papers on Systems and Engineering complexity and has spoken at many conferences typically on Systems and Software Architecture for High Integrity systems. He has had many roles on academic and industrial advisory boards and standards bodies. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET and Professional Registration Advisor, a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Member of INCOSE and a Visiting Professor at University of Essex’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

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