Overview of Our Course Offerings

Scarecrow Consultants offer a range of MBSE-related courses which are detailed below.
All courses are delivered by acknowledged experts in the field of MBSE and are supported by published books on the subject which have been written by our course tutors – see our publications page for more details. All courses may be tailored for a company’s processes, competencies or tools. Complete, bespoke courses are also available. Please contact us for details.

NOTE: All our training courses may be given face-to-face or remotely.

Introductory MBSE Courses

MBSE for Beginners (3 days)

A gentle introduction to MBSE for beginners. This three-day course covers: MBSE in One Slide, evolution of MBSE in your organisation, modelling (what, where, when, how etc.), fundamentals of SysML, key MBSE concepts. Learning is consolidated through a group workshop. An INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider course. 

MBSE for Beginners ( 1 day)

A stripped-down version of our 3-day course that covers the absolute essentials for beginners: MBSE in One Slide, evolution of MBSE in your organisation, modelling (what, where, when, how etc.), fundamentals of SysML.  

A Model-Based Approach to Systems Engineering (MBSE) (3 days)

A complete overview of MBSE and how it can be used in your business. This three-day course covers: MBSE in One Slide; evolution of MBSE in your organisation; key MBSE concepts, which build into the MBSE Ontology; frameworks and an overview of how to create them. Through the use of frameworks, we show how to apply MBSE to requirements, structure and interfaces, life cycles and processes, projects, architecture frameworks and competences. An INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider course. 

High Intensity Training Session (HITS) Courses

All our HITS courses are designed to supplement the training delivered in our Introductory courses, allowing topics that were covered at an introductory level to be explored in greater detail. Where a HITS course may be taken as a 1-day or a 2-day course, more time is spent on the workshops in the 2-day version.

IMPORTANT: Previous attendance on one of our Introductory courses is a prerequisite for attending a HITS course.

Deploying MBSE – The Trinity Approach (1 or 2 days)

This course covers the areas that have to be considered when planning an MBSE deployment. The course covers: capturing the reasons for deploying MBSE in your organisation, understanding your MBSE capabilities (current and desired), understanding where you are on the MBSE evolutionary path and where you want to be, identifying the tasks needed to move your organisation along the path.

Mastering Requirements using MBSE (1 or 2 days)

There is more to understanding requirements than writing nice descriptions! This course is aimed at requirements practitioners and gives a model-based approach to requirements engineering using a framework-based approach to requirements that places an emphasis on understanding the often varying contexts in which requirements are understood. An INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider course. 

Interfaces – The Interface Pattern (1 day)

This one-day course is aimed at systems and software engineers that have a working knowledge of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML (or UML) and who want to develop their MBSE skills by learning how to model interfaces in a robust, consistent, model-based way. The course teaches Scarecrow’s Interface Pattern, a model-based enabling pattern that gives a framework in which to model interfaces in terms of their definition, connectivity, behaviour and protocols. The pattern supports service-based interfaces (such as between software components where one directly invokes the services provide by the other) and also supports flow-based interfaces (such as data on a data bus, fluid along a pipe, people between sites). The Interface Pattern is defined and documented using the FAF, covered on our MBSE for Architecture Frameworks course; attendance on that course is not necessary in order to attend this Interfaces course.

Mastering Process Modelling (1 or 2 days)

There is more to defining processes than drawing flow-charts. This course covers the concepts behind process modelling using Scarecrow’s long-established ‘seven views’ approach. Aimed at anyone who is responsible for the definition of business and engineering processes, this course introduces the concepts behind process modelling, discusses the issues with traditional methods and provides, through the ‘seven views’ approach, a robust, consistent and complete method for process modelling.

Further details on request

SysML Courses

Mastering SysML (3 days)

The Systems Modelling Language, SysML, is the industry-standard notation that is used throughout the world for Systems Engineering. However, there is more to mastering SysML than learning the notation. This three-day course introduces the main concepts of SysML and shows how to truly understand the application of the notation in order to realise the full benefits of MBSE.

Using Enterprise Architect (1 day)

For those that have a working knowledge of EA, this one-day course covers some of EA’s more advanced features to help users get the most out of this powerful tool. An INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider course.

IMPORTANT: Previous attendance on Mastering SysML course is a prerequisite for attending this course

Advanced Courses

MBSE for Architecture Frameworks (2 days)

This is an advanced course for those that have a deep understanding of both MBSE and SysML (or UML) and is designed for those engineers who are tasked with the definition, creation and maintenance of Architecture Frameworks. After an introduction revisiting the key concepts of MBSE, this course provides an introduction to architectural frameworks (AFs) and enabling patterns, giving delegates a model-based toolkit, the Framework for Architecture Frameworks (FAF), which can be used to aid in the definition of an AF or pattern.  An INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider course. 

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