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19-20 February 2019

Many thanks to the more than 150 people from 50+ organisations who came to Scarecrow’s first two-day MBSE Extravaganza and made it a great success. We had over 100 people each day which concluded with panel sessions where topics were discussed, prompted by Kraftwerk’s “The Model”, the James Bond character Plenty O’Toole, Donald Trump and Stonehenge!

If you were unable to attend this MBSE Extravaganza, then look out for details of our next one, or why not have us come and run one in-house for you?

Some comments from delegates (edited only to protect the innocent!):

“Go to the Experts of MBSE. Save your Time and money. Do it right the First time!”

“Interesting, engaging and relevant.”

“Many thanks for putting on a great event at such low cost. I think my colleagues and I came away with renewed enthusiasm if the discussion in the car back was anything to go by.”

“Many thanks again for a great day on Tuesday. I’m posting my support publicly on LinkedIn!”

“Thanks for hosting the extravaganza … I enjoyed it and found it a useful experience.”

“We both really had a great time. All this stuff is so important, and we met a few lovely folks; my view of Engineers is that they are happy people (mostly!) Keep up the great work. Thank you, and the team – what a great success!!” 

“It was a really useful event on Wednesday. Good to reconfirm a few things and also to think about some new things too. Vive la revolution!” 

“I just wanted to say thank you for the MBSE Extravaganza, I personally picked up loads of points/ thoughts and ideas over the couple of days. As with all INCOSE events that I have been to, the networking is really good. Speaking to people reinforces that we are not alone with our problems and aims, everyone is also open and offers helpful pointers.” 

“Thank you for this and thank you to you and the team for the extravaganza – it was both useful and enjoyable.” 

“I wanted to email you to thank you for the event yesterday and for your time in explaining some of the MBSE concepts to us. Honestly, my whole view about modelling has changed and I completely “get” it now. Not sure why previously we have not been doing our modelling without planning the frameworks properly. I can understand now how to go from FAF to the system model. So, thank you very much!” 

“Thanks to the Scarecrows for the Extravaganza, it was most interesting and useful.” 

“Thank you guys for preparing this event – It was one of the best training events I have been to for a long time and I did get so much out of it.” 

“The contents were amazing. I had so many ideas about what to do with what I had learned after the event and felt like a new world opening up to me.”

In-house Extravaganzas

If your company is interested in MBSE and would like to know more about MBSE, modelling, competences, processes and tools, then Scarecrow Consultants can run an in-house MBSE Festival (one day) or Extravaganza (2 days) for you.

If you are interested then please contact us by email or phone. Our contact details can be found here.

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