Virtual Scarecrow – Looking forward in uncertain times

The current global health pandemic is disruptive to all organisations all over the world and here at Scarecrow Consultants, life is no different. Such unprecedented world phenomena require us to adapt and evolve our ways of doing business both in the immediate and long-term future. With the current world governments all advising against face-to-face contact we have remodelled all of our business services to support remote offerings so that we can continue to be ‘outstanding in the field of MBSE’ even in the face of global disruption.

Whereas we are still available for essential, business-critical face-to face meetings, the default position for the foreseeable future will now be to work remotely.

Our Remote Offerings

For the duration of the crisis, Scarecrow Consultants Ltd will continue to offer its normal services, albeit mainly remotely.

All of our remote offerings are available globally providing, of course, you have an Internet connection!

All prices quoted below are ex-VAT.

Remote Consultancy & Mentoring

Scarecrow will continue to offer MBSE consultancy or mentoring to clients, however, this will now be carried out remotely.

Both remote consultancy and mentoring will be charged at our standard consultancy rate of £1400 per day.

The minimum purchase will be for one day of consultancy or mentoring, in units of one day. This can then be called off as necessary by the hour, in units of one hour ensuring that our support is as flexible as possible.

Remote Training

Scarecrow will be offering its training courses remotely. We will be offering two types of remote training course:

  • In-company Training Courses. These courses will be for a single customer and not open to public attendance. All of our regular training courses will be available, with tool-based bolt-ons available (e.g. Sparx EA, No Magic Cameo Modeller). Such courses can be booked in advance for call-off when required, with flexible delivery an option (i.e. days need not be delivered consecutively).
  • Public Training Courses. The current schedule and booking information for these courses is available here.

If there are specific subjects concerning MBSE that you would like training on, please let us know. We have an internationally-recognised team of experts and will be able to help.

Training Costs & Course Material

Remote training will be charged at the rate of £400 per person per day and numbers will be limited to 12 attendees per course.

For in-house courses, the rate is capped at £2500 per day, offering a significant discount for courses with seven or more delegates.

The minimum purchase will be for a full course so, for example, if you want to remotely attend a two-day course, then it is necessary to book for both days.

All attendees will receive an electronic (PDF) copy of the course notes which will be available immediately prior to the course delivery.

We will also offer the option to add a one of our published course books and a hard copy of course notes to the electronic notes. This will incur an additional charge, depending on the book most suitable for the course:

  • £150 plus VAT– Courses that are based around ‘SysML for Systems Engineering – 3rd edition: A model-based approach’
  • £100 plus VAT – Courses that are based around ‘Foundations for Model-Based Systems Engineering: From Patterns to Models’
  • £30 plus VAT – Courses that are based around ‘Don’t Panic! The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Model-Based Systems Engineering’
  • £70 plus VAT – Courses that are based around ‘Implementing MBSE into your Organisation – The Trinity Approach’

Note that all of our courses are recognised by UK Professional Bodies for CPD purposes.

Remote Events

We also offer remote MBSE events to our clients, such as a remote MBSE Festival.

The minimum purchase will be for a full event (so, for example, if you want to remotely attend a two-day event, then you have to purchase both days; you cannot pick which days you want and only attend part of an event).

There is no minimum number of delegates, with a maximum of 150.

The cost of such an event is dependent on the number of delegates:

  • Up to 50 delegates: a fixed cost of £6000 per day
  • For 51- 100 delegates, a fixed cost of £9000 per day
  • For 101 -150 delegates, a fixed cost of £10000 per day

These events are ideal for collaborations between companies or general awareness initiatives.

Back-office Work

Since any back-office work that we carry out for clients is already done remotely, this will not be affected by the current global crisis.

We are, however, expanding our back-office offering as we appreciate that companies may be under-staffed and require extra short-bursts of MBSE support. With this in mind, please bear in mind that we offer:

  • Project work. We can help if you have staff off sick. This may include modelling, analysis, specification, design etc.
  • Reviews. We can review your existing models for correctness, quality, maturity etc and provide guidance on how to improve them
  • Assessments. We can assess your MBSE approach in terms of the processes and framework that you have in place against current best practice and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Profile Development. We can develop profiles, based on your MBSE approach in most popular tools, including: Sparx EA, Cameo Systems Modeller and PTC Integrity Modeller

Method of Engagement

All of our remote offerings will be conducted through Microsoft Teams as Teams meetings which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You do not need either a Microsoft account or Teams installed to join a Teams meeting, as you can join as a guest through a web browser.

The methods of joining are via:

  • Web browser on a PC or Mac (don’t need an account, no software to set up). The following browsers are supported:
    • Internet Explorer 11 (PC)
    • Microsoft Edge (PC)
    • The latest version of Chrome (PC or Mac)
    • The latest version of Firefox (PC)
  • Teams app on a PC or Mac
  • Team app on iOS (can join as guest user, but less functionality than through a web browser; most browsers on iOS do not support a web connection to Teams)

Joining through a web browser on a PC or Mac is our recommended approach.

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